I Have Suffered Myself That I Have Fallen into Your Hands – Mosiah 17:9

9 Now Abinadi said unto him: I say unto you, I will not recall the words which I have spoken unto you concerning this people, for they are true; and that ye may know of their surety I have suffered myself that I have fallen into your hands.

I admire Abinadi’s boldness in this passage.  King Noah has just presented him with a choice: deny the testimony he has just borne or be put to death.  In his response to the king, Abinadi not only announces his intention to stand firm, but he also reaffirms that he made the choices which led him to this point.  There are no passive verbs in this verse, and there is no hint of complaining or blaming others for his situation.
Abinadi clearly knew in advance that this was a likely outcome.  Two years earlier, when he had presented the same message to people, King Noah had publicly announced his intention to execute him for “raising contentions” among the people (Mosiah 11:28).  Even though Abinadi initially returned in disguise (Mosiah 12:1), he knew very well that he was placing himself in danger by returning to preach the same unwelcome message.  It was his decision to return, and he did so knowing the risks and the probable consequences.
And why did he make those choices? For the benefit of King Noah and his people! Abinadi specifically wanted the king and his priests to know that he was doing this for them. If his goal had been merely to avoid blaspheming, he could have kept quiet and avoided the city in the first place! He had chosen instead to open his mouth and put his life in jeopardy so that Noah and his people would know the truth.
Today I will choose to stand for truth regardless of the consequences.

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