Ether 10:28 Never Could Be a People More Blessed Than Were They

28 And never could be a people more blessed than were they, and more prospered by the hand of the Lord. And they were in a land that was choice above all lands, for the Lord had spoken it.
(Ether 10:28)
The people of Lib were successful and happy.  A large part of that was a function of their environment: they lived in a choice land with an abundance of materials needed to sustain and enhance life.  But prior generations had also enjoyed these same opportunities.  What was different in this generation?
1. They had a righteous leader.  Collective decisions which only he could make but which affected the entire group were based on eternal principles and were carried out in a way which attracted the blessings of heaven (v. 19).
2. They built a set of platforms within which they could operate successfully.  They invested in significant infrastructure projects which would provide long-term collective benefits: clearing out the snakes, building a great city, preserving the land southward for hunting (v. 19-21)
3. They worked hard (v. 22-24).
4. They bought and sold goods freely, so that they were able to benefit from one another’s strengths and talents (v. 22)
5. They innovated and created new tools to do their work more effectively (v. 25-27)
I recognize that I also live in an environment of opportunity. I will seek to follow the example of the people of Lib, so that I can benefit from the blessings and opportunities the Lord has given to me and can live more completely “after the manner of happiness.” (2 Nephi 5:27)
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