Alma 25:1 Those Lamanites Were More Angry Because They Had Slain Their Brethren

1 And behold, now it came to pass that those Lamanites were more angry because they had slain their brethren; therefore they swore vengeance upon the Nephites; and they did no more attempt to slay the people of Anti-Nephi-Lehi at that time.
(Alma 25:1)
When we are the target of a person’s anger, we naturally assume that we are the cause of that anger.    In reality, even though our actions may have triggered the angry response, the anger itself may be reflective of deeper negative feelings.  For example, the Lamanites in this passage were “more angry” because of their own guilt as they realized that they had killed their own brethren.  When a person is not at peace with himself or herself, that person is more prone to anger.  I will do 2 things as a result of this insight:
1. Take it less personally when someone becomes angry with me.  Recognize that there may be other things going on in their lives which would explain the intensity of their response to me.
2. Be more self-reflective when I become angry.  Is the target of my anger really the cause of my bad feelings, or am I channeling a general discontent which I need to grapple with inside of myself?

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