Alma 4:12-13 He Saw Great Inequality Among the People

12 Yea, he saw great inequality among the people, some lifting themselves up with their pride, despising others, turning their backs upon the needy and the naked and those who were hungry, and those who were athirst, and those who were sick and afflicted.
13 Now this was a great cause for lamentations among the people, while others were abasing themselves, succoring those who stood in need of their succor, such as imparting their substance to the poor and the needy, feeding the hungry, and suffering all manner of afflictions, for Christ’s sake, who should come according to the spirit of prophecy;
(Alma 4:12-13)

We learned earlier in this chapter and in chapter 1 that the members of the church had become prosperous.  Alma was not concerned about this prosperity in and of itself.  As the spiritual leader, he was focused on the spiritual health of his people, not on their material possessions.  So it is interesting to note that the inequality which caused Alma such sorrow was not between rich and poor, but rather between proud and humble.  He was worried about the members who were wealthy and were turning their backs on others who needed their help.  Obviously, an important dimension of the worry was that people needed help and were not getting it.  But it appears that Alma’s bigger concern was for the people who were able to help and were not doing it.  He was concerned about the effect of their wealth on their hearts, as evidenced by their unwillingness to take care of the needy people in their circle of influence.

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1 Response to Alma 4:12-13 He Saw Great Inequality Among the People

  1. Celeste says:

    I love this concept, and I think we can take it even further as a principle. It's what we do with what we have or face that truly matters. Whether we are given prosperity or poverty, trials or blessings, knowledge or faith, it's what we choose to do with that, and who we allow ourselves to become because of it, that really matters to God.


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