Names and Titles of Jesus Christ

During the month of March, 2019, I examined a number of names and titles of the Savior which appear in the Book of Mormon. I have studied their significance, considered what doctrines they teach, and tried to understand why different prophets have emphasized different names and titles. Here is a list of posts about names and titles of Jesus Christ:

  1. Lord of Hosts
  2. Alpha and Omega
  3. The Author and the Finisher of Our Faith
  4. The Lamb of God
  5. The Holy One of Israel
  6. Jehovah
  7. Redeemer
  8. Savior
  9. The Mighty One of Jacob
  10. The Lord Omnipotent
  11. The Good Shepherd
  12. Immanuel
  13. Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace
  14. The Light and the Life of the World
  15. The Father and the Son
  16. The Messenger of the Covenant
  17. A Refiner’s Fire and Fuller’s Soap
  18. The Great Mediator
  19. Our Advocate
  20. Jesus
  21. Other Names and Titles

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