Names and Titles of Jesus Christ

During the month of March, 2019, I examined a number of names and titles of the Savior which appear in the Book of Mormon. I have studied their significance, considered what doctrines they teach, and tried to understand why different prophets have emphasized different names and titles. Here is a collection of posts about names and titles of Jesus Christ:

Why Is Jesus Called the Great Mediator?

The word “mediation” descends from the Latin word mediare, which means “to be in the middle.” A mediator stands with the people they are serving and engages with them personally.

What Does It Mean for Jesus to Be Our “Redeemer?”

The Hebrew word “go’el” is sometimes translated “redeemer” and sometimes “near kinsman.” When we enter a covenant relationship with Jesus, He becomes the “near kinsman” who will deliver us from bondage, even bondage of our own making.

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