The King Was Stirred Up – Mosiah 17:11-12

11 And now king Noah was about to release him, for he feared his word; for he feared that the judgments of God would come upon him.
12 But the priests lifted up their voices against him, and began to accuse him, saying: He has reviled the king. Therefore the king was stirred up in anger against him, and he delivered him up that he might be slain.
Ezra Taft Benson highlighted this incident from the life of Noah to illustrate how pride can cloud our judgment and impair our ability to make wise decisions:

King Noah was about to free the prophet Abinadi, but an appeal to his pride by his wicked priests sent Abinadi to the flames (“Beware of Pride,” General Conference, May 1989). 

Today, I will remember this cautionary example. I will focus on making wise decisions rather than decisions which will make me look good. I will consider advice given by the people around me, but always with the goal to do what is right, not necessarily what is popular. 
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