After Ye Have Done This Ye Shall Have Power – Moroni 2:2

2 And he called them by name, saying: Ye shall call on the Father in my name, in mighty prayer; and after ye have done this ye shall have power that to him upon whom ye shall lay your hands, ye shall give the Holy Ghost; and in my name shall ye give it, for thus do mine apostles.

These are the instructions Jesus gave to His twelve disciples when He visited the American continent following His resurrection. The greatest desire of the people at that time was to receive the Holy Ghost (3 Nephi 19:9). Jesus had promised that those who hungered and thirsted after righteousness would be filled with the Holy Ghost (3 Nephi 12:6). He later touched each of the disciples with His hand and “gave them power to give the Holy Ghost” (3 Nephi 18:36-37). Here are His instructions to them:

  1. Pray.
  2. Lay your hands on the recipient.
  3. Do it in my name.
From our modern church leaders, we have received additional instructions about how to perform this ordinance. Today, though, I’m pondering the Lord’s first instruction: “Ye shall call on the Father in my name, in mighty prayer; and after ye have done this ye shall have power.” I remember Boyd K. Packer’s assessment of priesthood power just a few years ago:

We have done very well at distributing the authority of the priesthood. We have priesthood authority planted nearly everywhere. We have quorums of elders and high priests worldwide. But distributing the authority of the priesthood has raced, I think, ahead of distributing the power of the priesthood. The priesthood does not have the strength that it should have and will not have until the power of the priesthood is firmly fixed in the families as it should be (“The Power of the Priesthood,” General Conference, April 2010).

Today and throughout this week, I will recognize that priesthood authority is not synonymous with priesthood power. I will approach my priesthood responsibilities with humility and with pray for power to fulfill those responsibilities in a way that is consistent with the will of my Father in Heaven.

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