Preparing My Heart

Samuel spoke to the Israelites before a significant battle against the Philistines. "Prepare your hearts unto the Lord," he said, "and he will deliver you" (1 Samuel 7:3). When King David's people donated materials to build a temple, he asked God to help them remember that day and "prepare their heart unto thee" (1 Chronicles... Continue Reading →

“I Will Build Thee an House”

Sometimes we need to be reminded just how unequal our relationship with God is. King Benjamin taught that if we serve God with all of our souls for the rest of our lives, we would still be "unprofitable servants." God has already given us far more than we could ever hope to repay, and the... Continue Reading →


One form of foolishness is to take seriously things that aren't important—to obsess over trivial things. But a more dangerous form of foolishness is to treat lightly things that really are important. When King Benjamin invited his people to gather and hear his final words, he urged them to adopt an appropriate mindset to receive... Continue Reading →

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