How to Plant the Seed – Alma 33:1

When the poor Zoramites first approached Alma, they had a simple question: How can we worship God when we are not able to go to church? In response, Alma taught them about humility and faith. He also shared an elaborate analogy, comparing the word of God to a seed and saying that, if they planted... Continue Reading →

“Having Prayed Mightily” – Alma 2:28

As a Nephite army led by Alma struggled to defend their country against an insurgency led by a man named Amlici, they were alarmed to discover that the insurgents had joined forces with their enemies, and that the combined army was marching toward their capital city. They were terribly outnumbered, but they had an important... Continue Reading →

“I Will Praise Thee” – 2 Nephi 4:30

In the middle of Nephi's psalm, after lamenting his susceptibility to temptation and after commanding himself to do better, Nephi begins to talk directly to God. To me, this is the turning point in the psalm—the moment when he acknowledges that he can't do this on his own, that he needs help. Notice how his... Continue Reading →

“Fasting and Praying” – Omni 1:26

I've been thinking about fasting today, partly because President Nelson has invited us to participate in a worldwide fast this weekend and to pray for "relief from the physical, emotional, and economic effects" of COVID-19. I was drawn to the following plea from Amaleki, the last writer in the small plates of Nephi: Come unto... Continue Reading →

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