After receiving poor advice from Memucan and dealing with a power-hungry prince named Haman, King Ahasuerus must have been relieved to find Mordecai, a humble man of integrity. Even though the main character in the book of Esther is the queen herself, her cousin and mentor Mordecai is a constant presence throughout the book, acting... Continue Reading →

The Voice of the People

When the prophet Samuel was old, he tried to appoint his sons to succeed him as leaders over Israel. But the Israelites were not willing to follow his sons, and they requested that he appoint a king. Samuel was troubled. He didn't think it wise to give one person that much power, and he thought... Continue Reading →

How Can I Be a Better Listener?

Today, I pondered what I can do to be a better listener. Here are some relevant guidelines taught by the Book of Mormon: 1. Recognize your own limitations and prepare yourself to participate fully in the interaction. When Nephi returned to his family's camp after seeing a vision, he found his brothers "disputing one with... Continue Reading →

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