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And He Did Cause His People to Commit Sin – Mosiah 11:1-2

1 And now it came to pass that Zeniff conferred the kingdom upon Noah, one of his sons; therefore Noah began to reign in his stead; and he did not walk in the ways of his father. 2 For behold, … Continue reading

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They Hardened Their Hearts – Mosiah 11:29

29 Now the eyes of the people were blinded; therefore they hardened their hearts against the words of Abinadi, and they sought from that time forward to take him. And king Noah hardened his heart against the word of the … Continue reading

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They Did Boast in Their Own Strength – Mosiah 11:19

19 And now, because of this great victory they were lifted up in the pride of their hearts; they did boast in their own strength, saying that their fifty could stand against thousands of the Lamanites; and thus they did … Continue reading

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They Were Supported in Their Laziness – Mosiah 11:5-7

5 For he put down all the priests that had been consecrated by his father, and consecrated new ones in their stead, such as were lifted up in the pride of their hearts.6 Yea, and thus they were supported in … Continue reading

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I Will Be Slow to Hear Their Cries – Mosiah 11:24-25

24 Yea, and it shall come to pass that when they shall cry unto me I will be slow to hear their cries; yea, and I will suffer them that they be smitten by their enemies. 25 And except they … Continue reading

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