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What Is the Significance of the Name “Jehovah?”

In the last verse of the Book of Mormon, the prophet Moroni uses a name which only appears one other place in the book: Jehovah (Moroni 10:34). (The other appearance is in 2 Nephi 22:2, which is the same as Isaiah … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean to “Come Unto Christ?”

Near the beginning of the Book of Mormon, the prophet Nephi tells us that his only purpose in writing is to persuade people to “come unto the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, … Continue reading

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What Does the Book of Mormon Teach About Grace?

The word “grace” appears 31 times in the Book of Mormon. Today, I reviewed each of those passages and learned the following principles: Grace is an attribute of Jesus Christ. It is often listed with other attributes, including: mercy, truth, patience, … Continue reading

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Why Does the Book of Mormon Quote from the Bible?

Prophets quote other prophets. That’s part of how they teach. This serves two purposes: It emphasizes the unity of the word of God. It allows the Lord to build upon things we’ve already learned to reveal more truth to us. … Continue reading

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What Is the Gift of Tongues?

In the final chapter of the Book of Mormon, Moroni lists a number of gifts which are given “by the manifestations of the Spirit of God.” Among these are “all kinds of tongues” and “the interpretation of languages and of … Continue reading

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What Are the Characteristics of a Good Question?

In the Book of Mormon, many questions are asked, with different purposes. Here are some of the types of questions found in the book: Requesting guidance or direction: “What shall we do?” (Alma 32:5) Requesting information: “What becometh of the … Continue reading

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Moroni’s Final Message – Moroni 10

Setting After writing two final chapters to end his father’s book, Moroni wrote a history of the Jaredite civilization, which had lived on the American continent before his people arrived. After wandering for some time, hiding from his enemies, the … Continue reading

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