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What Does the Book of Mormon Teach About Diligence?

Today, I studied all 56 passages in the Book of Mormon which use some form of the word “diligent.” To be diligent is to “[show] care and conscientiousness in one’s work or duties” (Oxford English Dictionary). The word also carries … Continue reading

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How Can I Be a Better Employee?

Many of us spend a large amount of time at work, contributing to the goals of an organization and interacting with peers, subordinates, and managers. Today, I found the following principles in the Book of Mormon to help me be … Continue reading

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What Does the Book of Mormon Teach About Obedience?

Some form of the word “obey” appears 31 times in the Book of Mormon: Book # Occurences 1 Nephi 4 2 Nephi 6 Jacob 5 Mosiah 7 Alma 9 TOTAL 31 “I must obey.” Obedience is a very important topic … Continue reading

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Counsel Me Not – Jacob 5:21-22

21 And it came to pass that the servant said unto his master: How comest thou hither to plant this tree, or this branch of the tree? For behold, it was the poorest spot in all the land of thy … Continue reading

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That We May Labor – Jacob 5:15

15 And it came to pass that a long time passed away, and the Lord of the vineyard said unto his servant: Come, let us go down into the vineyard, that we may labor in the vineyard. (Jacob 5:15) There … Continue reading

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Leadership Principles from Jacob 5

We can learn at least four leadership principles from the Allegory of the Olive Tree: Principle #1:  Be patient.  Make a plan, communicate it clearly, and then give it some time before evaluating whether it is working or not.  Don’t … Continue reading

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The Allegory of the Olive Tree – Jacob 5

Jacob chapter 5 is known as the Allegory of the Olive Tree.  Here’s a summary of the allegory: Characters The Lord of the vineyard, who represents Jesus Christ A servant A tame olive tree, representing Israel Three other olive trees in … Continue reading

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