How Can I Be a Better Employee?

Many of us spend a large amount of time at work, contributing to the goals of an organization and interacting with peers, subordinates, and managers. Today, I found the following principles in the Book of Mormon to help me be a better employee: Principle #1: Take ownership. Three days after Ammon accepted the assignment to... Continue Reading →

That We May Labor – Jacob 5:15

15 And it came to pass that a long time passed away, and the Lord of the vineyard said unto his servant: Come, let us go down into the vineyard, that we may labor in the vineyard.(Jacob 5:15)There are a number of leadership lessons in Zenos's allegory of the olive trees. One of those lessons... Continue Reading →

Leadership Principles from Jacob 5

We can learn at least four leadership principles from the Allegory of the Olive Tree:Principle #1:  Be patient.  Make a plan, communicate it clearly, and then give it some time before evaluating whether it is working or not.  Don't micromanage, and don't constantly check to see if the plan is working, or worse, constantly revise... Continue Reading →

The Allegory of the Olive Tree – Jacob 5

Jacob chapter 5 is known as the Allegory of the Olive Tree.  Here's a summary of the allegory:CharactersThe Lord of the vineyard, who represents Jesus ChristA servantA tame olive tree, representing IsraelThree other olive trees in distant parts of the vineyard:Tree 1 is in a "poor spot of ground."Tree 2 is in an even worse location.Tree... Continue Reading →

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