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What Is an Elder?

When Moses saw the burning bush on Mount Horeb, God commanded him to return to Egypt and lead his people out of slavery. Moses was somewhat concerned about fulfilling this assignment alone. But God explained that he wouldn’t be alone: … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean to Be Ordained?

We generally think of order as a good thing and its opposite—disarray, mismanagement, or chaos—as a bad thing. Most of us work hard to organize our lives and to fulfill our responsibilities in an orderly way. Furthermore, when we participate … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean to Be “Baptized Unto Repentance?”

Some form of the phrase “baptized unto repentance” appears twelve times in the Book of Mormon (Mosiah 26:22, Alma 5:62, Alma 6:2, Alma 7:14, Alma 9:27, Alma 48:19, Alma 49:30, Helaman 3:24, Helaman 5:17, 19, 3 Nephi 1:23, 3 Nephi 7:26). John the … Continue reading

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What Is the Relationship Between Baptism and Membership in the Church?

As we discussed yesterday, the earliest references to baptism in the Book of Mormon focus on the baptism of Jesus Christ (which would happen 600 years later). Nephi teaches us that we should be baptized to follow His example (2 … Continue reading

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According to the Order of God – Alma 6:1

1 And now it came to pass that after Alma had made an end of speaking unto the people of the church, which was established in the city of Zarahemla, he ordained priests and elders, by laying on his hands … Continue reading

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According to the Revelation of the Truth – Alma 6:8

8 And Alma went and began to declare the word of God unto the church which was established in the valley of Gideon, according to the revelation of the truth of the word which had been spoken by his fathers, … Continue reading

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The Souls of Those Who Knew Not God – Alma 6:5-6

5 Now I would that ye should understand that the word of God was liberal unto all, that none were deprived of the privilege of assembling themselves together to hear the word of God. 6 Nevertheless the children of God … Continue reading

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