“Assuredly It Was Great” – Alma 17:14

The sons of King Mosiah began their mission with two powerful assets: desire and assurance. They wanted more than anything to share the gospel with the Lamanites, whom they considered to be their brothers, not their enemies (Mosiah 28:1-3, Alma 17:9). God had promised their father that they would be protected and successful (Mosiah 28:7).... Continue Reading →

How Can I Avoid Overzealousness?

zeal - Great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective (Oxford English Dictionary) When the Nephites welcomed a large number of Lamanite refugees into their land, they not only had to give them a place to live; they also had to provide protection for them. That's because these Lamanites had taken... Continue Reading →

And They Would Not Hear – Alma 21:10

10 And it came to pass as he began to expound these things unto them they were angry with him, and began to mock him; and they would not hear the words which he spake.(Alma 21:10)I would summarize this verse in the following way:anger --> mocking --> not listeningHow often do we gravitate to sarcasm... Continue Reading →

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