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Where Did the Sacrament Prayers Come From?

The prayers offered over the sacramental bread and water were given by revelation to Joseph Smith in 1820 (Doctrine & Covenants 20:75-79). They are nearly (but not precisely) identical to the prayers offered in the ancient American church as recorded … Continue reading

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How Will the Remnant of Jacob Be Like a Lion Among Sheep?

The prophet Micah, who was a contemporary of Isaiah, wrote about a time when the children of Israel would not be oppressed any more. In a future day, he prophesied, God’s people would be far more powerful than their enemies. … Continue reading

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What Is the Role of Isaiah’s “Servant Songs” in the Book of Mormon?

Four passages in the Book of Isaiah are known as the “servant songs.” They are written in a poetic style, and they collectively describe a servant of God who would save God’s children by suffering for them (“The Servant Songs … Continue reading

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Who Is the “Prophet” that Moses Promised Would Come?

Moses wanted to prepare the children of Israel to enter the presence of God. He hoped to make them “a kingdom of priests and an holy nation” (Exodus 19:6). But when the people heard the voice of the Lord, they were … Continue reading

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Which of Isaiah’s Writings Are Quoted in the Book of Mormon?

About a third of the book of Isaiah (21 out of 66 chapters) is quoted in the Book of Mormon. Here is a list of those chapters with a brief description of each: Isaiah 2 (2 Nephi 12) – There … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean to Consecrate Something?

To consecrate something is to make it sacred, to set it apart for a holy purpose (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary). The opposite is to desecrate something, which means literally to “divest it of [its] sacred character,” or to “treat it with sacrilege” (Online … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean to Eat and Drink the Bread and Water to Our Souls?

When Jesus visited the American continent following His death and resurrection, He introduced the sacrament. Breaking and blessing bread, He told the people to eat in remembrance of His body. Passing a cup of wine, He told them to drink … Continue reading

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