A House Divided

God seeks to bring people together. Satan seeks to divide us, because we are easier to conquer when we're alone. Jesus taught that a house divided cannot stand. We can follow Him by bringing people together instead of separating them.


Jesus said, "Ye are the salt of the earth." Here are three lessons from this analogy: (1) A little bit of goodness goes a long way" (2) Don't just fit in. Be true to your discipleship, even if it makes you stick out. (3) Keep focusing on eternity. It will help everyone around you be more resilient.

My Father’s Business

We make better decisions when we inherit priorities rather than manufacture them. Jesus exemplified this principle. When He asked His parents at age twelve, "Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?" He clarified that His goals and actions were in support of His Father's priorities.

To Give Light

Eight days after John the Baptist was born, his parents brought him to be circumcised. At that time, they named him, and his father Zacharias gave him a blessing, known commonly as the Benedictus. (See Bible Dictionary: "Hymns," "Zacharias.") The first part of that blessing speaks of the mission of Jesus Christ as a fulfillment... Continue Reading →

“Thy Words Were Heard”

Prayer is an act of faith because we don't see or hear the One we are talking to. When I participate in a conversation, I am constantly monitoring the reaction of the other person to the words I say. I pay attention to their responses, even non-verbal ones, to understand how my words are being... Continue Reading →

Building a Wall

Walls are useful. I spend most days in a room surrounded by four walls and a ceiling, which shields me from adverse weather while eliminating (I think) a lot of distractions. Walls and fences can delineate land that is intended for a specific use. Walls can also serve a decorative function, allowing us to hang... Continue Reading →

“I Will Heal Thee”

Hezekiah was very ill. The prophet, Isaiah, visited him and told him that he would not recover. He was going to die. But Hezekiah wasn't willing to accept that answer. Laying on his bed, he turned toward the wall and offered the following heartfelt prayer: "I beseech thee, O Lord, remember now how I have walked... Continue Reading →

My Cruse of Oil

When Elijah requested "a morsel of bread" from the widow of Zarephath, she responded, "I have not a cake, but a handful of meal in a barrel, and a little oil in a cruse." She explained that she was about to prepare a final meal for herself and for her son. Elijah told her not... Continue Reading →

“The Lord Looketh on the Heart”

As we grow closer to God, we learn to see other people differently. When Samuel met with Jesse in the small town of Bethlehem, he brought his own preconceptions and biases to the task of selecting a new king. The current king, which he had also selected, was tall and strong. He stood out in... Continue Reading →


In the ancient tabernacle, there was a gold-plated table with twelve cakes (or loaves) of bread on it. God commanded that the bread always be there, and He called it lehem panim (לֶ֥חֶם פָּנִ֖ים), or "bread of the face," signifying that it was continually in His presence. In the King James Version of the Bible,... Continue Reading →

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