“None Shall Slumber”

In 1837, Thomas B. Marsh was concerned about the state of the Church. In Missouri, church members had been driven from their homes. In Ohio, many members and even church leaders were becoming disaffected. As president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Thomas must have felt a deep desire to help curb the chaos... Continue Reading →

Isaiah’s Six Woes – 2 Nephi 15:8-23

After sharing a discouraging parable about an unresponsive vineyard, Isaiah delivered six warnings to his readers, each beginning with the word "wo." He must have observed these imprudent behaviors among his own people, but they are just as relevant in our day. Here are the six warnings: Don't prioritize things over people (2 Nephi 15:8-10).... Continue Reading →

What Is Wisdom?

Near the beginning of the Book of Mormon, the prophet Jacob gives us the following counsel: "O be wise; what can I say more?" (Jacob 6:12). Near the end of the book, the prophet Moroni advises us, "Be wise in the days of your probation" (Mormon 9:28). The words "wisdom" and "wise" appear exactly 100... Continue Reading →

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