Letting Things Go

A major part of discipleship is letting things go. Jesus told his apostles what not to pack, how not to plan for speeches, and how to move on when treated badly. The principle is simple: find joy by focusing on the most important things.

Taking up Our Cross

Many years before His crucifixion, Jesus used the imagery of the cross to describe the burden of discipleship: If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. Matthew 16:24; see also Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23 In Joseph Smith's revision of the Bible, the Savior adds the following explanation: "And now for a... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

When I have met an immigrant tottering under a bundle which contained his all—looking like an enormous wen which had grown out of the nape of his neck—I have pitied him, not because that was his all, but because he had all that to carry. Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 163 It's a good idea not to... Continue Reading →

My Cruse of Oil

When Elijah requested "a morsel of bread" from the widow of Zarephath, she responded, "I have not a cake, but a handful of meal in a barrel, and a little oil in a cruse." She explained that she was about to prepare a final meal for herself and for her son. Elijah told her not... Continue Reading →

The Manna Ceased

Sometimes we receive a little extra help temporarily. It's wonderful while it lasts, but there comes a point when we need to stand on our own two feet again and be more self-sufficient. While the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness, they ate manna, a food which miraculously appeared each morning, six days a... Continue Reading →

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