Based on: Psalm 90 Core message: We have to expand our perspective, even beyond our own lifetime, if we want to understand God better. Related Book of Mormon passage: Moroni 10:3

Roots Deeply Planted

How did Esther find the strength to risk her life on behalf of her people? She found it partly by broadening her perspective, remembering that God had given her specific missions to perform. Mordecai reminded her that she was in a unique position to help: "Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as... Continue Reading →

“Behold the Seer”

MUSTAFA: Do you know what you would like this evening, sir?EGO: Yes, I think I do.... You know what I'm craving? A little perspective.Ratatouille (2007), screenplay by Brad Bird There was a lot to be unhappy about in the time of Enoch. Just six generations after the Fall of Adam and Eve, people had largely... Continue Reading →

Pyrrhic Victories

On the first day of an economics class that I took as an undergraduate at Brigham Young University, the professor, James Kearl, conducted a dollar auction, which is a game designed by Yale economist Martin Shubik. In the game, the auctioneer offers a dollar for sale at a starting bid of 5¢. The catch is... Continue Reading →

The Jaredite Generations

Thirty generations in fifteen chapters: in the Book of Ether, Moroni provides a sweeping history of the rise and fall of a civilization. At first glance, the book appears to be the story of the Jaredite people from the perspective of their kings. But upon closer consideration, it becomes clear that the narrative follows a... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Lehi

As I've studied the words of Lehi over the past week, the following themes have emerged for me: Perspective In Lehi's final messages to his sons, he tries to help them place their daily decisions in context and see the big picture. For example: He encourages Joseph to remember both his ancestors and his descendants... Continue Reading →

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