What Does It Mean to Seek the Kingdom of God?

King Benjamin taught his people an important principle which he learned from an angel: the only way to overcome the unrighteous tendencies of our mortal bodies is to be willing to submit to our Heavenly Father in all things. (See Mosiah 3:19). When Jesus Christ visited the American continent after His death and resurrection, He... Continue Reading →

What Does It Mean to “Hearken?”

We don't use the word "hearken" in modern English. But it's an important word in the scriptures: It appears 229 times in the Old Testament, 9 times in the New Testament, and 100 times in the Book of Mormon. Deepening our understanding of the word "hearken" will help us better appreciate God's messages to us... Continue Reading →

Does Obedience Diminish Freedom?

Korihor had a message for the Nephite people: You have been brainwashed. Your religious beliefs are the effect of a frenzied and a deranged mind (Alma 30:16). Your church leaders have taught you to follow foolish and silly traditions in order to "usurp power and authority over [you], to keep [you] in ignorance, that [you]... Continue Reading →

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