Milk and Honey

I've been thinking about promised lands today. When God appeared to Moses on Mount Horeb, he promised not only to deliver the children of Israel from captivity but also to lead them "unto a land flowing with milk and honey" (Exodus 3:8). So before the Israelites even began their journey, they had a destination in mind. Lehi's... Continue Reading →

Room Enough

Alma wished he could speak with the thunderous voice of the angel who had called him to repentance. (See Alma 29:1-2, Mosiah 27:11.) As he saw his friends, the sons of King Mosiah, return home from a fourteen year mission with thousands of converts, it would have been natural to compare their success with his... Continue Reading →

“As for Years”

How would your decisions change if you thought you would never move? What if you thought you'd be in your current job forever? Would you approach your activities differently? Would you make any investments that would improve your productivity and your job satisfaction? In 1831, a group of church members relocated from New York to... Continue Reading →

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