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What Is the Relationship Between “Idolatry” and “Idleness?”

The Book of Mormon explicitly connects idolatry (the worship of man-made objects) with idleness (slothfulness). For example: Mormon tells us that the wicked king Noah and his priests “were supported in their laziness, and in their idolatry, and in their … Continue reading

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Ye Shall Not Esteem One Flesh above Another – Mosiah 23:7

6 And the people were desirous that Alma should be their king, for he was beloved by his people. 7 But he said unto them: Behold, it is not expedient that we should have a king; for thus saith the … Continue reading

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Alma 17:15 They Were a Very Indolent People, Many of Whom Did Worship Idols

15 Thus they were a very indolent people, many of whom did worship idols, and the curse of God had fallen upon them because of the traditions of their fathers; notwithstanding the promises of the Lord were extended unto them … Continue reading

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