Lessons by Type of Content (2018)

In 2018, I have organized my study by type of content. Each month, I’m focusing on a different type of content, according to the following schedule:

January – Missionary Experiences
February – Journeys
March – Visions and Spiritual Experiences
April – Wars
May – Civil Unrest
June – Sermons to the Church
July – Sermons to Hostile Audiences
August – Sermons to Family Members
September – Teachings Directed to the Readers – Part I
October – Teachings Directed to the Readers – Part II
November – Establishing the Church and Building a Prosperous Community
December – The Savior’s Visit to the American Continent

At the end of each month, I intend to compile a summary of the lessons I’ve learned during that month. Here is my summary for January:

Lessons from Missionary Experiences in the Book of Mormon

And here’s my plan for Febuary: