Doctrine and Covenants 84: “The Power of Godliness” (July 25-Aug 1)

Icons used by Elder David A. Bednar in his talk, “Gather Together in One All Things in Christ” (General Conference, October 2018)

Joseph Smith called Doctrine and Covenants 84 a revelation on priesthood. If you think of priesthood primarily in the context of roles, responsibilities, and official church actions, you may be puzzled by the topics addressed in this revelation, including temples, the scriptures (particularly the Book of Mormon), and missionary service. But if you think of the priesthood primarily as the power of God which He makes available to us, then these topics are all relevant.

Moses wanted to sanctify his people so that they could receive the “power of godliness” (verse 23). Our Heavenly Father wants the same for us today, and He gives us multiple tools to help us access His power, including temples, the scriptures, the Holy Ghost, and the words of His living servants. Our ability to receive this power depends on our willingness to open our hearts to these sources of divine power.

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned from this revelation, together with relevant blog posts:

Priesthood and Ordinances


The Holy Ghost

The Scriptures

Sharing the Gospel

  • Those who have received truth from Jesus Christ have a responsibility to share it with others (verses 62-72): The Great Commission.
  • As we share the gospel, it is important to be both prepared and adaptable (verse 85): “In the Very Hour”.
  • Jesus Christ is willing to be actively involved in our lives (verse 88): He Who Liveth.
  • When we have confidence that the Lord is with us, we don’t need to work “in haste” or “by flight.” No panic necessary, no sloppiness from anxiety or distractions. Just the steady, thorough work of people who are able to focus and do the job in the right way (verse 88): I Will Be Their Rearward – 3 Nephi 21:29
  • We are never alone when we are fulfilling an assignment from God (verse 88): I Will Be Their Rearward – 3 Nephi 21:28-29.

Our Role in Receiving God’s Power

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