Moroni 1-6: “To Keep Them in the Right Way” (November 30 – December 6)

Moroni thought he was done. He had appended his testimony to the end of his father’s book, as instructed (Mormon 8:1). He had subsequently added his own history of the Jaredite nation (Ether 1:1-2). Now, the book was complete, and his work was finished. “I had supposed not to have written more,” he tells us twice (Moroni 1:1, 4).

What changed? He survived. Under difficult circumstances, with his life constantly in danger, he lived longer than he expected. How long? Long enough to think of some additional content that needed to be added. Eventually, he returned to the record, adding the book that bears his name.

He must have agonized over what to include in this final set of chapters. He had seen our day. I can imagine him thinking, “What do my future readers need that isn’t already covered in the book?” Here are some of the topics that he chose to include:

  1. How the gift of the Holy Ghost is given (Moroni 2)
  2. How people receive priesthood authority (Moroni 3)
  3. How to administer the sacrament (Moroni 4 and Moroni 5)
  4. Qualifications for baptism (Moroni 6:1-3)
  5. How to organize the church, including meetings (Moroni 6:4-9)

Here are some lessons I have learned from the first six chapters of Moroni:

Moroni’s discipleship

Priesthood power

The Sacrament

Church Meetings

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