Alma 53-63: “Preserved by His Marvelous Power” (August 10-16)


The worst of times can bring out the best in us. That seems to be Mormon’s message as he highlights the remarkable faith and courage of Captain Moroni, Teancum, and the sons of Helaman during the seven-year war between the Nephites and the Lamanites. This week, we are studying the following events:

  • Helaman recruits 2,000 young warriors, known as “the sons of Helaman,” “the armies of Helaman,” or the “stripling warriors” (Alma 53).
  • Moroni attempts to negotiate for the exchange of prisoners, then finds a way to rescue the Nephite prisoners without bloodshed (Alma 54-55).
  • Helaman describes the miraculous success of his young warriors in a letter to Captain Moroni (Alma 56-58).
  • Moroni and Pahoran exchange letters about the reasons for the lack of support from the government (Alma 59-61).
  • The final battle, including the death of Teancum (Alma 62).
  • Epilogue: What happened just after the war (Alma 63).

Lessons from the Sons of Helaman

Lessons from the Rescue of the Nephite Prisoners

Lessons from Moroni and Pahoran

Lessons from the End of the War

3 thoughts on “Alma 53-63: “Preserved by His Marvelous Power” (August 10-16)

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  1. I’ve always thought the story of the sons of Helaman was excellent commentary on the nature of and how to deal with addiction.


  2. Yes and no. It really doesn’t make any sense for the Sons of Helaman to choose a prophet with no real military background to lead them to battle. But their parents were addicted to violence and the shedding of blood (bloodthirstiness). Are addictions inherited? Are they learned? Jury’s still out, seems to be both. Either way the Stripling Warriors were treading on dangerous ground, they’re susceptible to both. And so they asked the prophet to be their leader in war, not necessarily to ensure military victory, but rather to protect them from the pitfalls of their parents’ mistakes.

    Seems to have worked out for them.

    Follow the prophet. Don’t go astray.


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