Alma 32-35: “Plant This Word in Your Hearts” (July 13-19)


How do you grow spiritually when you can’t worship the way you’d like? What do you do when you can’t gather with other believers or enter houses of worship? That is the question the poor Zoramites asked Alma: “We have no place to worship our God; and behold, what shall we do?” they asked (Alma 32:5).

In response, Alma and Amulek taught them how to exercise faith in Jesus Christ. Here is my summary of their sermon with key takeaways: Alma and Amulek’s Sermon to the Zoramites – Alma 32-34.

Here are some principles I’ve learned from these chapters:

Effective Teaching

Nourishing Our Faith

Believing in Jesus Christ

Praying Always

Caring for the Needy



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  1. Hi Paul – What a nice visit we had last night. And I thought I’d like to leave a comment on the Effective Teaching part of today’s blog post. Alma 5:44-49 sets the pattern for proclaiming the gospel, whether it be in the family, the classroom, or as full time missionaries. Alma taught from the scriptures, testified of his personal knowledge that had been given to him by the Spirit that the scriptures are true, and then he added to that as the Spirit directed.


    1. Thanks for the comment, Steve. It was great to see you yesterday. I appreciate your reminder that effective gospel teaching relies on the scriptures and our personal spiritual experiences and that we need to follow the guidance of the Spirit. Thanks for the cross-reference to Alma 5.


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