Alma 8-12: Jesus Christ Will Come to Redeem His People (June 8-14)


After preaching to responsive audiences in Zarahemla and Gideon, Alma traveled to Ammonihah, where he was rejected (Alma 8:6-13). But as he was leaving, an angel told him to return. This time, he had help from a resident of the city named Amulek.

Here is a summary of the sermon they jointly taught: Alma and Amulek’s Sermon in Ammonihah – Alma 9-13.

This week, we are studying the first half of Alma and Amulek’s ministry in Ammonihah. Here is an outline of the key events:

  1. Alma and Amulek meet and prepare to preach together (Alma 8).
  2. Alma warns the people to repent (Alma 9).
  3. Amulek affirms that Alma is a prophet of God (Alma 10).
  4. Amulek is questioned by Zeezrom and testifies of the Savior (Alma 11).
  5. Alma answers two follow-up questions about the resurrection (Alma 12).

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned from these chapters:

Humility is a prerequisite for learning.

An understanding of the Savior’s Atonement can give us confidence and peace.

This life is a time to prepare.

Serving others can be difficult, but it’s worth it.

We should be responsive to God, just as He is responsive to us.

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