Mosiah 29-Alma 4: “They Were Steadfast and Immovable” (May 25-31)


The first eight years of the reign of the judges were a difficult time for the people of Nephi and for their leader, Alma the Younger. He had been ordained a high priest by his father, Alma, who had established churches throughout the land. He also had the distinction of serving as the first chief judge under the new system of government established by King Mosiah (Mosiah 29).

During this time, he encountered a challenge to the church in the form of a man named Nehor (Alma 1). He also encountered a challenge to the government in the form of a man named Amlici (Alma 2, 3). But even more worrisome were the trends he saw among the people: contention and inequality arising from pride. In order to combat these trends, he ultimately resigned his position as chief judge and dedicated himself full-time to the role of high priest (Alma 4).

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